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National Lottery funds exciting new art project for Junior Club

In April 2022 we launched HAD’s very first art therapy project for our SEN members thanks to a generous donation from the National Lottery.

We collaborated with a well-established arts charity called Arts for Life. Arts for Life supports and champions vulnerable young people and their families' emotional health and wellbeing through the therapeutic value of the creative arts.

The project provided creative art wellbeing sessions for a group of primary aged children at the Arts for Life studios based in Northwood and took place every Friday after school for 1 hour.

Art therapy sessions also took place at Shaftesbury High School where we successfully ran an after-school art club delivered by a highly experienced Art Therapist.

This project has been a huge success as it has helped the children to relax and focus on more positive energy, as well equipping them with vital coping mechanisms for emotional resilience as they grow and develop. The children are now looking forward to continuing with this process in the Autumn term.

Here are some lovely examples of some of the work the children produced:


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