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Continued success for Junior Club Art Project funded by National Lottery

Our art therapy sessions are continuing to go very well, and the children are now halfway through the autumn term. During the last six weeks the children have developed a range of new techniques such as learning to use tricky 3D paints, spray painting and pastel drawing, thanks to the brilliant teachings and guidance from the therapists at Arts for Life.

On the 24th September 2022 the children were invited to an Arts for Life fundraising party. The party was a great opportunity for the children to showcase their work and it was wonderful to see their faces when they were showing the parents/carers their art which was displayed on the studio walls. The paintings were auctioned giving 20% of the profits to the artist. Real artists, selling their own work! This gave the children a great sense of pride and achievement.

The sessions have certainly given the children a platform to project their personalities and to get them to think more about what they enjoy doing, what makes them happy and the importance of loving yourself. The project has also helped the children to forge wonderful new friendships. Once again, our sincere thanks to the National Lottery for funding this project which has had an immense positive impact on the children's health and well-being.

During one of the sessions the children made 'Colour Bombs' - the beauty of these is to show that to you can't control everything in life. There is no way of knowing how the painting will turn out but, in the end, they all look amazing but very different from each other!

Here are some other examples of work the children have produced.


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