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Brokerage is a service unique to HAD, provided by an independent support worker(s) to provide a more intensive, personal, ongoing level of support, assisting people in managing and maintaining their direct payment or personal/individual budget.

This support is designed to enable more people to access the scheme, if their impairments prevent them from coordinating certain elements or all aspects of managing a direct payment or personal/individual budget.

There are a number of ways which a support broker can assist you. A couple of examples of how we can help you are listed below:

  • Liaising with and Managing staff (includes paying staff, monitoring timesheets)

  • Keeping and managing financial records and paperwork and presenting these records to the Council on request.


If you’ve had problems opening a new bank account or would prefer HAD to take over more of the responsibility of managing your care package, we have a separate dedicated client account whereby the payments from your local Council can be paid directly to us. As your allocated support broker we would then pay the relevant Personal Assistant / Agency / Day Centre etc directly.


The cost of the Brokerage service is £360 a year, inclusive of VAT.

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