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Welfare Benefits

Our Welfare Benefits team provide advice and support to disabled

people, carers and family appointees navigating the welfare benefits system. We help with applications as well as challenging some DWP (Department for Work and Pensions) decisions on a variety of social security and disability related payments.

The Welfare Benefit Team help with:

Universal Credit (UC)

Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

Disability Living Allowance for children under 16 years (DLA)

Employment Support Allowance (ESA)

Carers Allowance (CA) – working age people

Attendance Allowance (AA) – state pension age people

Mobility benefits, such as Disabled Persons Freedom Pass, Taxi Card and Blue Badge.

When assisting with the above claims we may be able to help with

Pension credit, Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support. But we do not guarantee we can help with these and do not offer support for these benefits alone.


Some benefits, such as Universal Credit are means-tested while others such as Personal Independence Payment and Attendance Allowance are not. For both UC & ESA you cannot apply if you have over £16,000

in savings.


Please note that the applicant will need to start a claim for Personal Independence Payment by telephoning 0800 917 2222 to request a PIP2 form.

We can help you with your PIP form, however we only assist with

mandatory reconsideration or appeals for PIP if we helped you with your original claim.


Personal Independence Payments can be claimed by people who are over 16 years of age and under state pension age at the time of application, and consists of two components – mobility and care.


Attendance Allowance helps pay for your personal care if you have reached State Pension age and are disabled.


If you want to know what you may be entitled to or need help filling in forms you can request an appointment to speak to a member of the team.

Please be aware we will do our best to assist you promptly but we are not an emergency service and we deal with many claims.

Please try to contact us as far in advance of a claim you need help with as possible.

For help and advice, please complete the form below.

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