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Gladys Janes MBE

After 50 years at Harrow Association of Disabled people, supporting thousands of clients, Gladys Janes MBE is retiring and we would like to thank her for all of her contributions and wish her a happy retirement.

We will forever be grateful and indebted to Gladys for her work.

Harrow Association of Disabled people originated in 1972, a small grass roots organisation, which recognised that disabled people in Harrow had no overall organisation to go to. There was no ‘umbrella’ organisation in Harrow drawing together all the impairment specific groups.

Gladys and a small group of Disabled people, felt the need for such a service to help support Disabled people when claiming the welfare benefits they deserved. HAD was born in a house in Harrow, with Gladys filling out welfare benefit forms using an ironing board as a desk.

(Pictured: Gladys Janes MBE)

Harrow Association of Disabled people was formed after a packed meeting in South Harrow. At that time the Mayor of Harrow, Mrs. Marie Hallam, was elected as the first Chair.

Along with Harrow Association of Disabled people, Gladys also started Harrow Community Transport which provides an accessible transport service to the residents of Harrow whether they are Disabled or not.

Harrow Community Transport is a fully inclusive non-profit organisation. At an event, organised in April 1981, to enhance the awareness of the needs of Disabled people, the presiding Mayor of Harrow, Cllr Eva Davies, gave warm tribute to the work carried out by Harrow CT by describing it as “the most useful service” within the Borough of Harrow.

Also retiring from our Welfare Benefits team is Fatima Walji, who has worked for HAD for 26 years. We would like to thank her for all of her hard work and service to the community of Harrow.

(Pictured: Gladys Janes MBE)


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