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Sponsored Walk (For The Mayors Charities)

On the 12th April, our former Chair of Trustees Bill Phillips, completed a sponsored walk to raise money for the Mayors charities.

Bill walked the Brecon and Abergavenny canal, between Llanfoist and Brecon (22 miles) to raise money for the Mayor of Harrow's Special Appeal. This year the chosen charities are Harrow Association of Disabled People (HAD) and Community Connex (Harrow Mencap). Please donate to this charitable cause.

Each year the Mayor of Harrow chooses local charities that they wish to support by fundraising during their Mayoral year. Sadly, in this year of “Covid”, we have had very little opportunity to organise events to raise money.

Bill originally planned to start the walk around 8am in Llanfoist and take two breaks. However, the day started with pouring rain. Fortunately, the rain stopped and although it threatened occasionally, it did not rain. In fact, the sun made an appearance in the afternoon.

Bill Phillips was born in Coventry in 1944 and moved to Harrow in 1969. He is a disabled person, who has little use of his right hand. He is a former trustee and former Chair of the Trustees. Bill also does some voluntary work for Community Connex.

Note the "of" in HAD's title, most people who work for, or are associated with HAD, are disabled.

Ways to Donate:

Read about the walk:

(Pictured: Bill Phillips and his wife Janet)

(Pictured: Shots along the 22 mile route)


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