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Harrow Campaigns

Harrow Campaigns is a campaign group based in Harrow. We want to fight the multiple injustices which prevent the inclusion of Disabled people, and we would love you to join us! We would also like to work with like-minded groups.

Project PEEPs

Our current campaign is called Project PEEPs - sometimes accessibility means life or death. PEEP is an acronym for Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan.

The aim of a PEEP is to provide people who cannot get themselves out of a building unaided with the necessary information and assistance to be able to manage their escape to a place of safety and to ensure that the correct level of assistance is always available.

Regardless of the governments stance it is Harrow Campaigns target to address this issue and get PEEPs in place for Disabled residents in the borough of Harrow. We believe this can be achieved and are happy to lead the fight for this recommended policy (The Grenfell Tower Inquiry).

If you feel that you should have an evacuation plan in place and would like our support achieving this, please call 020 8861 9920 or email


The main fight Disabled people have is a lack of access to goods and services.

For example, a wheelchair user may need to get to an appointment that is held on the second floor, but the lift is not working. A Deaf person may need instructions, but nobody knows British Sign Language (BSL), or there are no captions on a video. A neurodiverse individual may need support from an enabler, however no support is offered or given. A visually impaired person is not included due to a lack of audio descriptions.

These are only some examples of the poor access we as a campaign group are trying to highlight and address. Unfortunately, these examples seem endless and as socially responsible people we are proud to campaign for the inclusion of all Disabled people in all areas of life.


Our goal is to help to create an inclusive world, free of disabling barriers. Human rights must be a priority, valued and upheld. We want to create a space where all Disabled people have dignity, choice & control, justice, inclusion and equality.

Often this is not the case and we want to tackle this injustice.

Contact if you would like to get involved with our campaign group or if you think that there is an issue we need to campaign about.


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