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Access Online - Winter 2023

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In the latest edition of Access Online we have highlighted the problem with the current rollout of bus stop bypasses and the effect this is having on Disabled people, especially those with visual impairments.

We want Disabled people to be able to bored the bus directly from the pavement.

The new stops have been implemented without meaningful engagement with Disabled Peoples Organisations (DPOs). We would expect TfL to do better and remove these discriminatory bus stops.

Table of Contents:

  • Bus Stop Bypass Petition

  • What is a Bus Stop Bypass?

  • Angela Dias (Comment)

  • Harrow-Based Autistic Author

  • Inclusive

  • Harrow Healthy Homes

  • Buzz Base Christmas Party

  • Drop-Off Point

  • Q&A With The Harrow LFB (London Fire Brigade)

  • Mental Health Reform Act Ditched

  • Alan Benson (RIP)

  • Discretionary Freedom Pass U-turn

  • Freedom Pass U-turn (Letter Excerpt)

  • British Sign Language GCSE

  • Harrow Wins

  • #MakeCareFair Campaign

  • Inclusion London

  • Changes Nightclub Celebrates 21st Anniversary

  • List of Services

Access Online - Winter 2023
Download PDF • 14.67MB


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