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HAD are currently looking for a Treasurer to join our Board of Trustees to help guide and advise us on financial concerns. We have a dedicated Finance Advisor and so the role of Treasurer is to help oversee the financial work of our Charity. We have a Finance and General Purposes Committee and the successful person will need to be able to attend these meetings and also present at our AGM.

Please read the description below and apply for the role by emailing

Treasurer Role Summary

  • Monitor the financial standing of the charity and reports to the Board regarding cash-flow forecasting, income streams, out-going expenses and the overarching strategic management of the organisation’s financial resources.

  • Oversee the charity’s financial risk-management process and report financial health to the board of trustees at regular intervals.

  • Acts as a counter signatory on cheques and as a dual signatory for BACS transactions and applications to funders and ensure that annual accounts are submitted to all relevant regulators in a timely fashion.

  • Liaising with external auditors on financial issues and ensuring that the organsiation’s finances are responsibly managed/invested for the betterment of the organisation’s work and for the beneficiaries it serves

Main Responsibilities of the Treasurer

  • To chair the F&GP meetings

  • Work closely with, provide support and advice to the finance officer

  • Gives firm strategic financial direction to the board

  • To guide and advice the board in the approval of budgets and accounts

  • Keep the board informed about its financial duties and responsibilities

  • Advice the trustees on the financial implications of its strategic plans, management operational plan and budgets

  • Make sure that there is sufficient financial resources to meet its present and future needs i.e. there are appropriate reserves

  • Ensure that the finance function is adequate and accounts are properly audited

  • Formally present accounts at AGM

Trustee Role Description

Location: Harrow

Time commitment: 6/8 Board meetings per year, 6 F&GP meetings per year, possible activity/advise needed between meetings.

Reporting to Board of Trustees

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